Oh I am soooo happy right now! Dr. G called and he told me that I can start soft chew 🙂 He had his assistant Rene’ call me to talk about what kinds of things I can have, but he said basically anything that I can cut with a fork!

Okay, to catch things up. We travelled to La Jolla where we spent three days. The La Jolla Shores beach has to be the prettiest beach I have ever seen in the contiguous 48! Then we travelled back to Hollywood and did very touristy things – Warner Brothers Studio Tour, Stars Home Tour. I also had a “feeling pretty” splurge where I had a facial, had my hair cut and ombred, and had brow and lash tints done!

On Friday of last week we travelled back to Santa Barbara to meet with Dr. G one more time. He says my top teeth on the left want to “get in the way”. He has worked with bands to get first my canine, then the one behind it to move. Now the one behind that is acting up – kind of a chain reaction I guess. He took x-rays and said everything looks great right now! My condyle fits into the socket like a “pencil in a Dixie cup”, and the one on the right side has a little contact. So if I have any pain at all, it may be on this side. He says it will be fine long term, he just needs to keep an eye on it. He also wanted me to restart on Enbrel when I got home.

I have been having some pain on my right side. Mom and I figured out that it was coming from my ear rather than my jaw because I would get dizzy changing positions and that ear sounded plugged when I talked. So Dr. G had me: take Sudafed twice per day, use Afrin twice per day, Zyrtec once per day, and saline spray five times per day. This was for the three days leading up to our flight. No ear pain on the way home…yay!

We flew home Saturday morning. I had documentation from Dr. G that I need a blended diet and could take liquid nutrition through security. But what a hassle! They had to open most everything and test it. The woman who performed a body pat down on me was so rude – remarking about my food choices and saying things like “she SAID she had jaw surgery” – that I teared up. It’s hard to be coming off something so intense and have someone be so rude and question your intentions. My Mom took the TSA woman aside after that and explained to her how her demeanor upset me and pleaded with her to be more gentle with people who have gone through an eight-hour surgery. The woman thanked my mom!

So yeah, soup and smoothies have really sucked lately. But I am super excited to be on to something new! I got to go to IHOP for my first meal and ordered hashbrowns and chocolate chip pancakes. It took me forever to eat my hashbrowns and only ate about a half of a pancake. I DID NOT expect chewing to feel so awkward and unnatural – basically having to learn to chew all over again! I’m sure it will come back soon, just another hurdle to climb. It’s just super nice to have more options now 🙂 I can also drink from a straw now, so maybe I wont spill so much!


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