My Mom and I originally planned to stay in Santa Barbara for six weeks, so would have flown home last Saturday. But we decided to stay and be tourists for two extra weeks! Figured why not since I hadn’t seen much of California due to the major surgery. So we moved out of our rented Santa Barbara condo and into a hotel in Santa Monica, where we have stayed this week. We’ve had a lot of fun: finding the Bachelor/Bachelorette mansion, seeing a Chelsea Lately show taping, and interacting with P!nk on a street in Venice!

We had to drive up to Santa Barbara twice this week because Dr. G wanted to keep working on my bite. On Monday his assistant Rene’ called me the “awesomest result in the universe”. When I asked her if she says that to everyone, she said no. She has only used that once before, and it was to a young man whose pictures are on Dr. G’s walls! I need to remember that comment when I get frustrated and think things are going too slowly.

Tuesday night we were stopped at an intersection in Hollywood and a car stopped behind us. The driver wasn’t paying attention and sped up while we were still stopped, and rear ended us! My bands were off and my teeth clenched and I got very worried that something could have happened :-/ I already had an appointment with Dr. G set for Thursday so I just had to wait. He was very concerned when he heard what happened, but it turned out that my bite is exactly where he wants it to be. He even turned me loose to wear my bands only 12 hours per day! Ahhhhh, the freedom of spending all day being able to open my mouth and drink without slurping through my teeth 🙂 since I am 6 weeks out and my cheek grafts are pretty much set I can start to SIDE SLEEP but with a very soft pillow! Sweet relief! Plus he only needs to see me once next week and is even considering taking the hook out before I head home because it is useless right now anyway! Rene also told me I was the first patient she has ever given a ruler to so I could measure my bite. She made me promise I wouldn’t obsess over it but could see how invested I was in trying to make my ROM bigger and wanted me to be able to check my progress. I sure am going to miss these two when I leave!

We are traveling to La Jolla tomorrow to spend a few days before coming back up to Hollywood and then back to Santa Barbara on Friday. It’s crazy to think that I only have eight days left in California, and only one more appointment with Dr. G before I fly back to Iowa! And one month from today I will be meeting my new class of fourth graders!


3 thoughts on “celebrations!

  1. Hi Maddie, this is Jenny. We’ll be in LA – Santa Barbara area next week 27-31. Is there any chance that we can meet up if you’re still in the area? Email me! 🙂

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