Fingers crossed!

What a good Fourth of July weekend! We brought chairs to the beach for some fireworks and even though we really couldn’t see them due to clouds it was awesome being by the ocean and in that environment šŸ™‚

Saw Dr G today for 5 weeks post op! 3 weeks away from soft chew! I have been so happy lately not having to wear my front elastic that attaches to the hook but I fear I might have to start again soon. It appears my front teeth have shifted a bit since I stopped wearing it. Dr G gave me a new band pattern to try out this week to hopefully correct it. I go and see him again Friday. Fingers crossed I won’t need the front elastic, it just stresses me out!

On a good note I might be able to start sleeping on my side next week! It depends how the bone grafts in my face are doing, he said they’re still a bit soft now but are usually set by the 6 week mark. I would love to get away from sleeping on my back! I wake up a lot more at night and my neck often hurts when I wake up. I’m just not used to it! Dr G is also letting me leave my elastics out for 4 hours at night now to hopefully increase my ROM. He said people who start out with a large ROM in the early weeks sometimes struggle with continuing to make it bigger. This way when I have them off for longer I’ll be talking and stretching the joints more to hopefully help!

This is my last week in Santa Barbara and we leave for some time in Southern California on Saturday. Only 17 more days until I am back in Iowa! Time flies but I am going to enjoy California as much as I can, something tells me I am really going to miss it when I’m home!


8 thoughts on “Fingers crossed!

  1. I also had to sleep in a recliner each time I had knee surgery (3x). My neck gave me problems, but I found relief by flipping back the head cushion and using a bed pillow instead. If your head cushion is separate, that might relieve your neck pain. Kathy

  2. Hey girl, thought to drop a “Hello!” note. Read through your journey and I’m amazed how different everyone’s is! I can’t believe your eyes had to be stitched shut! And that hook! Gosh, you’re really brave! Are you doing any jaw exercises now? When did you start?

    • Hi!! Thanks for reading:) yes everyone’s journey is definitely different but the same in ways..where are you at in the process? I’ve been doing jaw exercises for the past 3 weeks. I wasn’t wired shut, only banded shut with rubber bands so at 2 weeks I started changing those and stretching 3x per day for 30 min. Hoping to continue my ROM every day and starting to gradually leave the bands off for longer!

      • I’m just 3 weeks post-op now. I haven’t been doing any jaw exercises though. I just have bands on but I don’t touch them at all. They just stay on till my next meeting with my surgeon. I’m just wondering if I should start doing some exercises or something to speed up the healing.

  3. Hi Maddie, how’s your recovery so far? I’m having a surgery with Dr. Gunson next month, it’s so nice to come across your blog and read about your experience. I’m also looking for a place to stay during my recovery so i’m wondering if you can recommend the place that you’re staying and give me some tips on the preparation for the surgery? Please feel free to send me an email anytime, i’d love to keep in touch with you and share your experience :). Jen

    • Hi Jen! First let me say- Gunson is the absolute best doctor.. You are in the best hands! keep that in mind as you experience all the emotions leading up to surgery. šŸ™‚ I’m not sure when your surgery date is but we stayed in a vacation rental condo post op for 6 weeks. Unfortunately that condo is booked up until October but if you’re planning to stay in Santa Barbara for a while after surgery I would def stay in a condo (cheaper& more comfortable!) we found ours on or is another good site. This is my first experience with blogging so I’m not quite sure where to email you at:) do you have an email you’d like me to use?? Id love to keep in touch and help you as much as I can with questions! It’s so nice to meet other people going through the same process, no matter where they’re at in the journey. Let me know how I should email you and I’ll give u any and all info that is helpful! Thanks for reaching out šŸ™‚

      • Hi Maddie, it’s really nice to hear from you, especially to reassure myself that we’re in good hands. Since the surgery is getting closer, i can’t help but getting nervous about it. And yes it’s hard to share with my family or friends who doesn’t know much about the surgery, so I’m very thankful to be able to reach out to other jaw surgery buddy like you. Thanks for sharing your journey :). My email address is, feel free to email me anytime. I’d love to talk to you.

  4. Hi Jen and Maddie, I too am having surgery with Dr. G in September. Would you be willing to reach out to me as well?
    I am very nervous. This is my second jaw surgery. The first one went terribly wrong šŸ˜¦

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