Some tips we’ve learned so far..


Here are some things I learned that might help others going through this:

1. We rented a recliner for me to sleep in post surgery as I am supposed to sleep with my head above my heart. Great call! I recommend it.

2. If you read blogs and they recommend lots of supplies, keep in mind that your doctor may have a definite way of doing things that is different than other doctors. Examples: Dr. G doesn’t want his patients to use any straw products including Zip-n-Sips (even though you squeeze the bag rather than suck on the straw, the liquid is still going in forcefully and can destabilize the incisions), no “Jaw Bra” because icing the swelling interferes with bone healing. The moral of the story: get a list of items from your doctor rather than accumulating a lot of things you may not need.

3. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to have lots of washcloths and hand towels on hand. I used washcloths to hold under my chin to catch drips when drinking. The hand towels function as a “bib” to catch anything that gets through the washcloth. The numbness is no joke! 

4. No matter how much you are prepared, you won’t be prepared! You will rush to buy things after surgery – like 5 ounce plastic cups when you discover you can drink from those better than a sippy cup.

5. You wake up in the hospital and think the surgery wasn’t so bad (I was terrified of what I was going to feel like when I woke up). Day two post op when the swelling starts kicking in you will think differently. It gets a lot worse before it gets better, but it will get better!

6. Just take deep breaths and go with the flow. This process needs time and patience.


I go see Dr. G again today. Tomorrow is four weeks! Wonder what he will say 🙂


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