One week Post Op!

Hard to believe it’s been a week since the big surgery..and what a week it has been!!

The weekend was the worst of it with the trip to the ER, the nausea, and the swelling. Saturday my head felt so heavy and every inch of my face felt like it couldn’t be stretched anymore. I took comfort knowing that everything I had read and what doctors had told me was that after day 3 the swelling shouldn’t get any bigger. Sure enough come Sunday evening my discomfort seemed to be alleviated a little bit! I don’t remember much of Saturday because I slept most of it, but I was able to push the fluids on my own to keep the hydration! I didn’t start my new antibiotic again until Sunday and it looks like my old one is what made me throw up. I haven’t thrown up since Friday! (knock on wood) Thank goodness because it is a scary & uncomfortable feeling trying to throw up when your teeth are banded together in three different places! Sunday was the same as Saturday with some relief coming towards the evening. 

Monday was my first follow up appointment with Dr. G. Since it was only five days after surgery it was short and simple. He pressed on my cheekbones a little to help shape the bone grafts he put in my face. I was pretty numb but this was still not the most comfortable. I felt weird popping and crackling sensation in my face along with some pressure. He said he will do more next time. He also checked my bite and answered any questions we had. Most of my questions were things like when will I get feeling in my face back, when will I be able to smile again, when will all the swelling be gone? All of these questions it’s hard to tell but I know I am jumping the gun and it will take a few weeks or months for full motion to return. It is still very early. He said my bite looked great and he was impressed with the swelling as it is no where near as big as some people get. Next week I get to take the bands off to do jaw exercises and BRUSH my teeth!! I so can’t wait for that. I am a little nervous how it will feel to be un-banded and if I will be able to move much but I’m very much looking forward to it! That is next Tuesday.

The past two days have been uneventful just filled with napping, movie watching, taking my long routine of medicines and smoothie drinking. I am on the particle free diet until next week and then it becomes blended only. So all my food right now needs to go through a strainer to be sure no small particles can get in my incision. Thank goodness my mom bought a vita mix blender (LIFESAVER) so pretty much anything we want to blend up has become pure liquid. I’ve still been able to have kiwi and strawberry and other berries with seeds because the seeds are even blended up! Yesterday during my nap I dreamed about pizza. Today during my nap I dreamed about peanut M&Ms. While I haven’t really been struggling in the daytime much with cravings yet you can tell what my subconscious really wants 🙂 Last night was the first time I slept through the night without needing more pain medicine so here’s to hoping that continues again tonight! My poor mom has been waking up with me whenever I need something in the night! A lot of the pain has been coming deep inside of my right ear. Dr. G suggested that someone continue to walk with me whenever I stand up at least for the time being. I feel pretty weak and lightheaded when I stand probably due to inactivity and low caloric intake. I also get really out of breath just walking to the bathroom and back. 

Overall I am very happy with how far I have come in a week! It started off pretty rough but every day has slowly but surely been getting better! I can’t wait to see what other sorts of progress I will continue to make! Although I can’t feel my bite yet due to numbness just looking in the mirror and seeing that my top and bottom teeth touch is pretty exciting! Thank you to everyone at home for the texts, messages, and packages you’ve sent me. It means so much to me! 🙂



Below is a picture of right before I go into surgery..I was nervous all morning but when they started wheeling me away I pretty much lost it and was overcome with emotions. The staff at the hospital was amazingly helpful and the anesthesiologist Dr. Funk gave me “bravery” medicine to calm me down right before going into the OR. It worked and I don’t really remember much else until waking up in the recovery room. That is the second picture you will see is me right after surgery. I remember really wanting water but not being able to get any of it, falling in and out of sleep, and the nurse helping me use a suction to get out all the blood that was in my mouth and that I was coughing up- yum! 😉



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