LeBron’s Got Nothing on Maddie!

Just as I was about to post the last entry, everything went downhill.  Maddie’s stomach decided to rebel, she got dizzy and very nauseous.  After consulting with Dr. G again, we headed back to the hospital, this time to the emergency room.

Maddie was so dehydrated that it took four attempts, and finally the use of a newborn sized needle, to get an IV started in her veins.  Because the needle was so small, it took nearly SIX hours for her to take on THREE bags of fluid.  LeBron only got two and one half bags after cramping up and leaving the now infamous “no air-conditioning” game against the Spurs this week! 

Quite a circus played out in the Santa Barbara emergency room during our six hour visit Friday night.  We listened to, among other things: a heroin overdose where the woman literally stopped breathing and they fought to bring her back to the living, a sixteen year old girl on probation who had used meth and been arrested,  a delusional woman looking for her son who had “been with the police and they were going to kill him”. The nurses said it would have been more lively but UCSB finals are next week so students are studying!

We are back at the condo now and she is sleeping.   Today is supposed to be the worst day swelling wise, then things are supposed to get better.  Fingers crossed!


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